This Is How Eva Mendes Gets Days of Gorgeous Hair Without Showering

Her routine takes seconds, and the results speak for themselves

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eva mendes
Photo: Alexander Tamargo/FilmMagic; Amazon

Celebrities on Instagram always spur a ton of questions. Are they posting and replying to people themselves, or getting help from a team of social media experts? Are their skincare routines for real, or is everything encouraged by #sponcon dollars? Barring a PR professional's tell-all, we'll likely never know the intricacies for sure — but when it comes to Eva Mendes' candid style, any posts are welcome. Especially if they're filling in fans on her hair routine, as Mendes did yesterday.

"A lot of you ask how I do my head wraps. It's so crazy easy," the actress wrote on Instagram. "Sometimes it actually takes just seconds! First, hide from your kids like I'm doing here. Then steal their unicorn brush because it's all you have at that point. They take everything. Anyway, I digress. Fabric is key! Cannot be silky. I love @nishkami, @shopdraped, @agnesandlola and @thewraplife. Then just play with it. It's that simple. Have fun!"

The caption accompanies a video of Mendes going through her rapid-fire routine, and while it does look like a fantastic way to preserve your hair for another day, Mendes omitted one crucial element from her caption: The cult-favorite Hairstory Moisturizing Hair Balm that she squirts into her palms and runs through her hair prior to putting it up.

Hairstory Moisturizing Hair Balm

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If you're not familiar, Hairstory's line of products was dreamt up directly from its New York hair studio, where stylists work on clients like Halle Berry, Jonathan Van Ness, and multiple Miss Americas. The brand was a pioneering advocate for detergent-free shampoos in lieu of harsh, stripping formulas, and it's taken that same gentle approach to the do-it-all Hair Balm that Mendes uses.

"Life changing hair product," an Amazon shopper writes of the balm. "When my hair is wet out of the shower, I work a small amount through my wavy hair and it air-dries so pretty and light. No frizz. No smell. Amazing."

The balm is incredibly conditioning without being oily, thanks to the inclusion of vegetable proteins, vitamin E, evening primrose oil, and jojoba esters. Sunflower seed oil, rose hip fruit extract, matricaria flower extract, calendula extract, and lavender extract contribute to the softening effect, balancing out the protein to leave your hair strong and silky smooth.

People with frizzy waves say that it makes their hair both shiny and able to hold a curl, and those with curls call it a must-have that "works wonders," whether you let hair air dry or use a dryer. The balm's made fans of people with all hair textures: Shoppers with "naturally fluffy and frizzy hair" say the lightweight formula tames their flyaways and leaves them with zero frizz to speak of, and those with processed hair in Florida's deep humidity confirm that there, too, the Hair Balm delivers smooth strands with the volume they want.

As a last shopper puts it, "I have wavy/curly hair that has frizzed like a dang lion mane since I was 13. I'm 38 now. I have been trying to find a combo of products that will allow me to wear my hair naturally all these years, and nothing has ever worked...until this product." They continue: "I have THICK hair, and I use one pump of this and my hair looks amazing air-dried. It's so freeing to not have to fix my hair after washing it now. I'm a happy customer indeed, and recommend this to everyone I know."

Get the master styler on Amazon, and try Mendes' secret for yourself.

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