The pimple patches zap zits before they surface
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Pimples always seem to pop up at the worst time, like right before a job interview or passport photo. They can seriously wreak havoc on one's day, week, or month. You shouldn't pop them, let alone touch them, because that just extends their life cycle, but while you have them, you can treat them with pimple patches, just like Chrissy Teigen

Pimple patches are a great way to keep zits covered up and out of harm's way. And while there are a plethora of options on the market, leave it to Teigen to find unique pimple patches on Amazon that mean serious business. Just look at them:

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Buy It! ZitSticka Killa Kit Microneedle Pimple Patches, $29;

The Killa Kit by ZitSticka is Teigen's go-to for deep, painful cystic acne that can otherwise seem impossible to tackle. Developed in Korea with a team of dermatologists, what sets the ZitSticka kit apart from other pimple patches out there is that each patch is coated with a dissolving micro dart, a microneedle-like facet that deeply penetrates the skin to deliver hyaluronic acid, oligopeptide -76, salicylic acid, and niacinamide. These ingredients work to zap early-stage zits before they reach the surface, preventing the urge to pop or pick at the pimple altogether. 

Thousands of Amazon shoppers share Teigen's enthusiasm for the pimple patches, using them for their cystic and hormonal acne. One shopper even noted that when nothing else worked, the Killa Kit ZitSticka saved the day.

"I have suffered from blackheads, whiteheads, cystic acne, pimples that won't go away for weeks and months. I have taken antibiotics, used differin, different topicals that did not really work for me," they said. "I've had two cystic spots on my face… They have NOT gone away or really subsided. I put the Killa patches on each of the spots. I woke up the next morning and the reduction in redness, puffiness, and overall look was visually improved. I honestly was so impressed and amazed."

Another Amazon shopper said the ZitSticka patches worked better for them than dermatology office treatments. “Once every other month, I get a giant cyst that takes weeks to go away. Last time I got a [cortisone] shot and it didn’t work,” they wrote. “I was $180 poorer with still a huge bump. Out of frustration, I ordered these and within two days, the cyst had shrunk down to a manageable size.”

The kit comes with eight Microdart Killa Patches and eight Cleana Swabs to prime the area prior to covering it. The swabs can also be used on their own to treat surface-level zits.

If you pick at cystic acne, the ZitSticka patches have you (and your pimples) covered. Buy a pack on Amazon.

Translucent Microneedle Pimple Patch Killa Kit by ZitSticka
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Buy It! ZitSticka Killa Kit Microneedle Pimple Patches, $29;