It’s not the one you’re thinking of

By Rachel Nussbaum
December 25, 2020 06:00 AM
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Credit: Sephora

If you think celebrities have the pick of the litter when it comes to beauty products, you’d be right. But the hairstylists and makeup artists who work with them do the heavy lifting to narrow down what’s worth bringing to set, and anyone who’s travelled with a hair tool knows those things are literally heavy, so you want to choose wisely. So when celebrity hairstylist Bridget Brager posted on social media about one “ultimate blow dryer brush” pulling ahead of the pack, we eagerly paid attention. 

In case you haven’t been keeping up with hair tool trends (or Amazon’s top sellers), the phrase “best blow dryer brush” doesn’t mean what it used to — this isn’t any old round brush that grips while your hair dryer does the work. Sparked by the viral success of Revlon’s One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer, which has over 88,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, the hot brush category is currently having a renaissance. And just like the Amazon best-seller, the Amika Blow Dry Brush that Brager loves both dries wet hair and straightens it for a blow-out finish. 

So, what’s the difference between the Revlon One-Step and Amika’s version? Where the Revlon typically retails for $60 (although it’s on sale for $40 right now), the Amika goes for a flat $100, and the price increase affords you greater control and frizz-fighting powers. According to Brager, who regularly works with celebrities like January Jones, Zoey Deutch, Kate Bosworth, Lucy Hale, and Millie Bobby Brown, after testing tons of tools, she found the Amika brush so powerful that it works for hair ranging from fine to thick and curly. 

Credit: Sephora

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The Revlon’s controls are a straightforward choice between low, high, and cool settings, while the Amika gives you three temperature options from 115 to 230 degrees, and a cool shot that Brager says is “essential to a good blowout” — so if you know your hair needs high temperatures to sleeken, this is the pick. On top of that, the Amika’s barrel is coated in tourmaline, which the brand says emits negative ions that reduce frizz. 

In comparison with other blow dry brushes, shoppers on Sephora write that the biggest difference is that it’s super light, so silky smooth hair doesn’t leave your arms feeling like weak noodles. And where other brushes deliver volume and bounce, the Amika Blow Dry Brush leaves hair more polished and superlatively smooth, according to reviews. Multiple people add that where they had to replace hot brushes off Amazon in under a year, the Amika’s price allows for a higher-quality, longer-lasting tool. 

All in all, shoppers write that it takes “extremely thick, coarse hair” from wet to dry, smooth, and celeb-level shiny in 10 minutes. The other positive that keeps coming up? While the Revlon’s price and popularity can make it hard to get your hands on, the Amika is regularly in stock at Sephora. More of an investment, definitely — but with a ringing endorsement from a celebrity hairstylist whose post is dotted with compliments from Jenna Dewan, Ashley Tisdale, and professional peers responsible for churning out some of the world's most beautiful looks, the Amika’s a safe bet.