This Shampoo Gives My Thinning Hair a Serious Volume Boost, and It's on Sale at Ulta

It’s even helped me grow my hair past my shoulders

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One thing they don't tell you about having kids? How much it changes your hair. And spoiler alert, it's often not for the better.

Like most people, my hair has begun to thin as I've aged, and that process sped up post-kids. I've also noticed that, along with my hair feeling less thick in my hand, it's been nearly impossible for me to grow it past my shoulders — a feat I've been unsuccessfully tacklingfor longer than I'd like to admit.

That is, until a year ago, when I discovered Bondi Boost HG Shampoo. After my first few washes followed by my normal styling process, I noticed that my hair had more volume to it. Bondi Boost really seemed to lift the root and give me the appearance of simply having more hair on my head.

Right now, you can get the shampoo, along with its sibling, Bondi Boost HG Conditioner, for 30 percent off at Ulta, bringing the price per bottle to under $20.

Bondi Boost HG Shampoo

Buy It! Bondi Boost HG Shampoo, $16.76 (orig. $23.95);

I describe my hair as a bit "stravy" — that awkward texture in between wavy and straight that can be styled either way — which is a blessing and a curse. But having used the shampoo and conditioner regularly for more than a year, I've noticed it's given my waves a boost not only right after washing, but with second-day hair, too.

My hair feels soft and looks shinier after using it, and I've even been able to slowly grow it past my shoulders without the normal breakage that typically occurs.

This Australian brand uses peppermint, rosemary, saw palmetto, and horsetail oils for removing buildup, improving elasticity and enhancing growth. Its fresh, minty scent leaves my hair feeling extra clean, and the gentle formula doesn't cause my scalp psoriasis to flare up. While the brand says you may experience some oiliness as it detoxes your scalp, I didn't experience these effects with my dry-leaning skin.

Bondi Boost HG Conditioner

Buy It! Bondi Boost HG Conditioner, $16.76 (orig. $23.95);

More than 8,000 shoppers at Ulta have also had positive results with the Bondi Boost shampoo. One reviewer wrote that, with consistent use, they've noticed "baby hairs coming in and actually growing along [their] hair line." Another reviewer in their 40s "with fine, thinning hair" and a "lack of density" near their crown found similar results, noting that after 90 days, they're "seeing a lot of new growth, areas are filling in, new baby hairs around the hairline are returning."

The Bondi Boost conditioner has similar praise-filled reviews. One person with "thin, flat hair" wrote that their "hair feels healthier and stronger" and they're now "able to go longer between washes" without seeing less volume.

Whether you're looking for preventative hair care or want to repair thinning hair and help it grow longer and stronger, grab the Bondi Boost HG Shampoo and Bondi Boost HG Conditioner while they're on sale at Ulta.

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