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Credit: The Original MakeUp Eraser/Amy Sussman/Getty

Removing a full face of makeup can be an absolute pain in the butt, not to mention wasteful if you still rely on makeup remover wipes. Just the thought of all the time it’ll take to wipe off foundation, mascara, and blush is enough to keep you from putting on anything altogether. But if you have the genius beauty product that’s won over the internet for its “magic” makeup-removing powers, this wouldn’t be an issue.

We’re talking about the Original MakeUp Eraser that has Amazon shoppers and even celebs like Demi Moore absolutely amazed. And Amazon Prime Day is one of your only chances to score it for less than $20 — as long as you move quickly.

The Original MakeUp Eraser, Erase All Makeup With Just Water
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! The Original MakeUp Eraser, $16 (orig. $20); amazon.com 

The game-changing cleansing cloth usually retails for $20, which might be more than you want to spend on a washcloth — but this isn’t any ol’ washcloth. If you’re not familiar with the Original MakeUp Eraser, the most important thing to know is that it takes off a full face of makeup with just water. That’s right: No chemicals or harsh facial cleansers are needed for it to completely remove everything, waterproof mascara included. If you need proof, just take a peek at some beauty gurus using it:

On one side of the cloth, you’ll find a finer texture (the short fiber side) that acts as the eraser, while the long fiber side acts as an exfoliator. The 2-in-1 MakeUp Eraser is easy to clean, too — simply throw it in your washing machine once or twice a week. Depending on how often you use it, it can last up to five years.

Clearly, $20 on the Original MakeUp Eraser is $20 well spent, especially if you add up how much you spend on disposable makeup wipes. But if the price point was enough to keep you away, you’ll be happy to hear that it's currently 20 percent off during Amazon Prime Day, going for a cool $16 when you apply a coupon at checkout.

Amazon shoppers are completely obsessed. “So, there is only one possible explanation for how this product works... MAGIC,” wrote one customer. “When they called this product a magic eraser, they were not lying.”

Another notes, “This is some kind of miracle cloth, I’m pretty sure. I was tired of using oily eye makeup removers and still having to scrub with make up wipes to remove it all… “This cloth does both and it actually got ALL my eye makeup off.”

Now that $16 price point really seems minuscule, no? If you’re sick of makeup wipes, shop the MakeUp Eraser while this low price lasts.

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