Amanda Seyfried Has Worn 6 Shades of This Brand’s Lipstick (and Counting)

And most are on sale at Nordstrom right now
By Rachel Nussbaum
December 09, 2020 08:00 AM
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We might be biased, but one of the best things about any new movie or TV show is the excellent looks that celebrities pull out while promoting their work on the media circuit. Suffice to say, nothing’s quite the same this year. But thanks to Amanda Seyfried’s dedicated glam team, her appearances to discuss Mank have been nothing short of fabulous. The secret? A rotating crew of jaw-droppingly beautiful lipsticks, all from Lancôme — and five of her six best looks are on sale. 

We aren’t too surprised by the consistency, given that Seyfried became a global ambassador for the brand last October. Still, Seyfried’s makeup artist, Genevieve Herr, has gone above and beyond over the past few months, culminating in a parade of beautiful lip-centric hits. Seyfried might be known for her huge baby blues, but they’ve taken the backseat as Herr has opted for pared-down eye makeup to go with a few months’ worth of gorgeous lipstick looks.  

Our first question whenever we see a celebrity looking amazing is always, always what lipstick are they wearing (listen, there’s no other way to duplicate a celeb’s look in a second). So we’re thrilled that Herr’s made a habit of documenting what’s on Seyfried’s lips — and where Mank is filmed in black and white, Seyfried’s gone full technicolor to promote it. 

First up was a vibrant matte cherry, Lancôme’s L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte in Obsessive Red, which played off Seyfried’s Veronica Lake waves and scarlet blouse. That was followed by a lighter touch: bubblegum pink lips via L’Absolue Rouge Hydrating Shaping Lipcolor in shade Pourquoi Pas, to match Seyfried’s baby pink flush and ivory outfit. 

The next highlight came from Herr’s choice of Lancôme’s L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte color in Nude Essentiel, a cool, plummy matte pink that reads more “bombshell” than “mother of the bride” (in a lucky twist, both Nude Essentiel and Obsessive Red are 15 percent off at Nordstrom right now).  

That was followed by an outfit we’d give our left arm for, an oversized houndstooth-check blazer, white oxford shirt, and hot pink satin tie. It’s a feast for the eyes, finished by yet another ensemble-making lipstick: L'Absolu Mademoiselle Shine Lipstick in Mademoiselle Smiles, a creamy hot pink that balanced out her outfit without overshadowing it. Where the lipstick typically retails for $30, you can grab it now for $26.  

The drama climbed from there, with Seyfried entering angst mode to pose for Herr in a vivid hot pink lipstick, the brand’s L’Absolu Rouge Hydrating Lipstick line in Rose Lancome (another 15-percent-off steal). The star and her makeup artist clearly have good taste, and 279 five-star reviews for the lipstick back it up. Shoppers write that the shade Seyfried wears in particular is a seriously beautiful fuchsia and perfect year round. 

One last rose shade finished out the pack, the delicate, almost coral glossy pink L’Absolu Rouge Hydrating Lipstick in Insta-Rose. Per reviewers, the formula is super creamy and long-lasting, and grabs compliments every time they wear it — which we could probably glean from the face Seyfried is serving.  

All in all, the bevvy of lip-centered looks that Seyfried and Herr dreamt up have us lusting after bold lip looks of our own. But this Nordstrom review in particular pushed us from “ooh, want” to “must buy:” “My daughter always tells me to 'kiss the plane' when I fly coast to coast. Dutifully, I obey her, and, when I'm boarding, kiss the outside of the plane with my Lancôme lips! The imprint is still there when the plane arrives safely.” We have no comment, but that’s a darn good wear test. 

And while your lipstick might be hidden under a mask for the foreseeable future, there’s no impact on the glamour when you know what’s underneath. Worst comes to worst, you can go full Seyfried and unleash the good looks on Instagram from the safety of your bed.  

Credit: Nordstrom

Buy It! Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge Drama Matte Lipstick, $27 (orig. $32);

Credit: Nordstrom

Buy It! Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge Hydrating Lipstick, $27 (orig. $32);

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