February 02, 2015 08:30 AM

A Utah woman gave birth to a 10-lb. baby boy on the side of the interstate Saturday, police said.

That evening, Mariah Ostler drove her 6-year-old son to her mother’s house for a playdate with his cousins. On the way, she began experiencing contractions, so she dropped off her son and started heading towards the hospital.

“I was hoping that I would make it,” Ostler, 32, told KSL. She didn’t make it.

Her water broke while she was driving. “I was in the fast lane,” she told the TV station. “I was trying to get over to the slow lane so I could pull over to the side, but cars wouldn’t let me over.”

It was then she called 911. In the recording, Ostler can be heard saying, “I need to push! The baby is coming!” the Associated Press reports.

Dispatcher Brittney Chugg was understandably shocked, but she talked Ostler through the labor pains while the mother waited for officers for arrive, even telling her to try and hold the baby’s head to keep him from being born too fast.

Utah Highway Patrol trooper Josh Carr and Willard Police Chief Jean Loveland answered Chugg’s call, racing to Ostler’s side as quickly as they could.

They had just enough time to pull on rubber gloves before the boy was born. “He came right out in my hands,” Carr said. “It was very emotional. Probably next to my own children’s birth, it was a very satisfying moment in my career.”

The mother and son are in good condition.

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