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November 13, 2016 04:00 PM

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent are an interior design power couple, but there’s one person who can turn their impeccable home décor into destruction in seconds: their 18-month-old daughter, Poppy.

“She just shattered a glass coffee table about 15 minutes ago,” Berkus told reporters at the 5th Annual Baby2Baby Gala Presented by Paul Mitchell Systems in Culver City, California, on Saturday night.

“Jeremiah literally picked her up in one second and checked her feet, and I grabbed her hands and I was like, okay, she’s fine. It’s just massive shards of glass. Who cares? Somebody keep the dog from getting in here,” Berkus, 45, said.

“It’s on [Jeremiah’s] Instagram,” he added. “He took a picture of me vacuuming in a tuxedo.”

Leading up to the event, Brent’s Instagram post of his husband taking care of household chores featured the caption, “This is what getting ready for #baby2babygala looks like when your 18 month old shatters the glass coffee table. #babyproofing #yearight #herewecome #2men&aPoppy.”

“We were just laughing,” Brent said of the incident. “This is our life now. Vacuuming and sweating.”

While Poppy may need to be more careful playing inside, the recent family move from New York to Los Angeles has also given her a newfound love of playing outdoors.

Rachel Murray/Getty Images
Rachel Murray/Getty Images

“My daughter wakes up and walks outside and kisses the trees,” Brent said. “So she loves, loves, loves being outside and being a part of that nature.”

Berkus jumped in and added, “We’re in the pool all the time, and she’s in the parks. It’s been a really wonderful transition.”

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The couple, whose show Married to Design: Nate & Jeremiah airs on TLC next spring, are also enjoying being able to be more closely involved with organizations like Baby2Baby.

“We are actually the first same sex couple to be asked to be part of Baby2Baby on the board,” Berkus said. “It’s an enormous honor. We believe all families are the same. Obviously, this is an organization that believes the exact same thing.”

Aside from being board members, they hope it will help them teach Poppy some life lessons they both believe are important. Berkus went on, “We want to raise our daughter to be civic-minded and be aware of everything that goes on, and that life is not always beautiful and easy.”

Jennifer Garner, who was recently named one of PEOPLE’s 25 Women Changing the World, was honored at the event for her philanthropic efforts with Baby2Baby. The charity distributes diapers, clothing and other essentials to low income children and their families.

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