February 02, 2015 01:25 PM

The sentence “That’s a really poopy diaper” has never sounded more threatening.

On one hand, Ashley Stanley’s story is as creepy as any urban legend about an imperiled babysitter. This Houston nanny heard voices coming though the security camera used to watch the baby, and she initially thought she was being pranked.

But when the voice commented on the size of the load the baby left in the diaper, Stanley realized she was being watched.

On the other hand, this story is a good reminder to us all to check and re-check the passwords we use to protect our wifi-enabled products. The parents of the baby in this story thought they’d adequately protected the baby camera, but they were clearly wrong.

After all, as the nanny herself states in the WFTV news segment above, “What pervert has been watching and not said anything? That is the kind of person that I am afraid of. Like, who has been watching silently?”

Stanley immediately called the baby’s mom and dad. Both parents confirmed they hadn’t been playing any pranks, and so she quickly unplugged the camera.

The camera maker is Foscam, and the company does have an extensive list of protections available for customers to make sure the system is safe.

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