Courtesy Imax
May 28, 2014 12:15 PM

We have to take issue with the YouTube title for this video: "What a dance by a chubby Korean baby!" This baby is hardly chubby at all. She is a completely normal, baby-sized baby.

There will be no bodysnarking of children on our watch.

Still, though, we agree with the first half of the title. What a dance it is! This little lady gets down to the pulsing beats of Italian techno savants Nari and Milani’s "I Got My Eye on You." The dancing toddler might not be able to sing yet, but she can wiggle her hips with the best of them.

In other viral video news from Korea, Psy’s "Gangnam Style" is about to pass 2 billion views on YouTube. It has been the most popular YouTube video of all time since November 2012.

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