October 31, 2016 03:00 PM

When it comes to life before parenthood, Jack Osbourne has some serious perspective to impart.

“My daughter [Pearl Clementine] was born three weeks after I got diagnosed with [Multiple Sclerosis], ” The Osbournes alum tells PEOPLE. “So there’s this weird association with my life before [being a] parent and then my life before MS.”

Looking back, Osbourne can appreciate how far he has come and be extra grateful for what he has today in his family, including 16-month-old daughter Andy Rose and wife Lisa.

“There’s an ignorant freedom without being a parent,” adds the father of two, 30, who is currently starring with dad Ozzy Osbourne in the History Channel series Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour. “You don’t realize how you can do things at ease, and you can just jump on a plane and you can just get in your car and go.”

“There’s certain things that you don’t [understand how easy they are] until [they’re gone],” he continues. “But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

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Jack Osbourne/Instagram
Jack Osbourne/Instagram

“I think I’m a pretty realistic parent,” Osbourne says when asked if he feels like he’s a strict dad. “I like to try and ride the line of being fun, but yet mean [when] I say, ‘This is how it’s gonna be.’ ”

It turns out his older daughter is throwing him some curve balls at the moment, though.

“Right now, Pearl‘s 4½ and she’s really going through pushing the limits,” he says. “She’s understanding what defiance is, and if she digs her heels in she might actually get her way and what she wants to do versus [listening] to her mother and [me].”

He adds, “That’s probably been the most difficult. Now it’s at the phase where timeouts and reprimanding [are] starting to occur, and I’m not a big fan of that kind of stuff. But I think kids crave it at the end of the day.”

From his own parents, Osbourne learned that the way he communicates with his children is extremely important.

“Both my parents were really big about the way they communicated to us. My mom [Sharon Osbourne] would always talk to us like we’re humans — same with my dad,” he says. “It was never that, like, ‘We’re your parents and we’re just this dominant figure in your life.’ It [was] always a conversation, which I think is really important to be able to have — communicating with a kid on their level versus trying to talk down to a kid.”

Admittedly, Osbourne’s daughters are still a little young for deep conversations about their behavior, so it’s a thin line to walk for the television star and philanthropist.

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“There are times when you do have to come in and discipline and drop the hammer a little bit, but I think it’s contextualizing why you’re doing it after the fact — after the tears have gone away, it’s then explaining, ‘Hey listen, that happened because of [this].’ ”

When his daughters were really little, like many new parents, Osbourne admits he was extra careful around them.

“Advice I would give to an expecting dad would be [that] babies are not as fragile as you assume,” the former Dancing with the Stars contestant says. “I remember the first couple weeks when Pearl was born, I was [like], ‘I don’t know, I’m gonna break it!’ ”

He continues, “You can change them out of their clothes and you won’t break them. You can hold them without crushing them. Babies are built to last.”

But just because he’s down to talk parenting with others, it doesn’t mean Osbourne is the one to initiate the conversation with expectant mothers — and for a great reason.

“I never assume a woman is pregnant,” he says. “I’ve seen too many people put their foot in their mouths and I’m just like, ‘You know what? No.’ If they want to talk about it, great. I leave it up to that woman to engage the conversation.”

Thankfully, for those needing advice, Osbourne is comfortable with what he has learned, and gets that the rewards of parenting go way past making a baby.

“I understand the concept of my biggest accomplishment being a parent. I get that now,” he says. “Before, I’d be like, ‘What? You had sex with a woman and you had a baby, like what’s the big deal?’ “

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