Coco Austin/Twitter
March 15, 2017 05:20 PM

The weather outside was frightful – but baby Chanel found the snow oh so delightful.

Coco Austin introduced her and Ice-T‘s daughter Chanel to snow for the first time this week, fully embracing the fluffy white stuff dropped on the Northeast, Tuesday, by winter storm Stella.

“She was kinda weirded out by it but then I started acting like the snow was talking to her then she cracked up,” wrote Austin on social media.

She added of the photo on Instagram, “The things I do to make her laugh.”

In the image, both Austin, 37, and her 15-month-old daughter, are wearing matching pink winter hats.

She also posted a selfie with her mother Tina Austin, who was also clad in a rose knit cap.

“Enjoying my mom, Tina’s company during the snow storm,” she said. “Chanel was not into it..I think she’s warm weather girl.”

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Chanel – who celebrated her first birthday in November – also enjoyed the snow from inside in a pair of heart-covered pajamas.

Wrote Austin on Chanel’s own Instagram account, “Snowed in..wearing Pj’s all day playing with my new teething chews from @loveandchewkids and practicing my yoga.”

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