April 27, 2017 06:48 PM

There’s a Bachelor nation baby on the way — and these two lovebirds could not be more thrilled to share their pregnancy journey exclusively with PEOPLE.

Bachelor in Paradise alums Tanner Tolbert and Jade (Roper) Tolbert, who are expecting their first child due in September, are revealing how they found out they were pregnant, what they were thinking in the moment and the sweet details of how their love story began.

“Jade started this crazy journey first,” Tanner tells PEOPLE. “I was watching her on TV — I had a little TV crush on her.”

Adds Jade, “I saw Tanner come down and I immediately felt something. I was like ‘I’m in trouble!’ ”

The duo, who tied the knot in a televised ceremony that aired on Valentine’s Day last year, had been talking about starting a family from the get go.

“Two days after my missed period I took the test,” she says. “I just knew it. Tanner wanted to be there. He was like, ‘Don’t take it without me.’ One morning we woke up and I took the test and we watched it on the counter and it turned from not pregnant to pregnant. I knew it, but it was like ‘Holy cow, it’s happening.’ ”

Jade Roper

The couple announced their pregnancy in March with a series of adorable photos.

“We’re crazy grateful to finally announce a little secret we’ve been keeping,” Jade revealed via Twitter last month. “We’re absolutely head over heels in love already!”

Being a first-time mom, Jade admits her first trimester was somewhat of a challenge.

“About week six I started getting morning sickness,” she says. “Morning sickness is not what it is — it’s all day sickness!”

Now, their little one is growing at a rapid speed, and the pair are enjoying keeping an eye on the progress.

Tune in next week to find out if Baby Tolbert is a boy or girl!

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