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Most parents can probably relate to the moment their child goes to school for the first time. But one thing that many might not expect to start so early?

“My first kid — it was her first day of EC2, which is before kindergarten — and I thought there were starting to be mean girls already in her class,” Brockmire star Amanda Peet said of now-10-year-old daughter Frances “Frankie” Pen. “Really cute, really confident and loud.”

She continues, “And Frankie and all the boys were chasing them, chasing boys against girls, and my daughter Frankie was like, ‘Catch me! Catch me!’ And they all just ran by her.”

“I was like, ‘I’m gonna have to go to therapy about this,’ ” recalls Peet, 45, saying she left the scene so she didn’t act out on it. “Because the rage? I was like, ‘No.’ ”

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Peet’s Brockmire costar Hank Azaria can relate. The father of one — his son, Hal, is 7½ — admits it was extremely tough watching his little boy face rejection from his peers at a similar age.

“I watched him [on] the playground go from one little group of children to another, trying to get included and getting rejected like, three, four, five times in a row,” shares the actor, 52. “He’s an only child — we don’t do that to him at home. If he comes over and wants to play with the blocks we’re playing with, we say, ‘Sure buddy.’ ”

“And to watch his little heart break and not understand … you do kinda have to walk away and breathe,” Azaria adds. “It’s rough. [But] they find their way.”

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“But it’s incredible how juvenile — my feelings are so adolescent,” admits the actress and children’s book author, who is also mom to son Henry Peet, 2, and daughter Molly June, 7 on Wednesday.

“Like when I also found out that my younger daughter — the boy she has a crush on had a crush on somebody else — and it was just [a] bewildering juvenile response deep inside of me,” Peet adds. “Like, just ridiculous.”

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