The Writers Guild denies a request to allow writers to work on the Golden Globes telecast
Credit: Photo: Damian Dovarganes/AP

The ongoing writers’ strike could cause some major problems for the Golden Globes telecast: The Writers Guild denied a request late Monday to allow its writers to work on the Jan. 13 broadcast.

The guild voted against giving a waiver to the Globes for writers to work on the show, USA Today reports.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences also got some bad news for the Oscars: They were denied in their request to use certain film clips for the February awards telecast. The Writers Guild also is expected to deny their request to allow writers to work on that show, but the Academy says a request has not been made yet.

In a statement, Globes producer Dick Clark Productions said the move was disappointing, but organizers were optimistic a deal could still be worked out for writers to work on the show.

“The Golden Globe Awards, which has a long and friendly relationship with the Writers Guild of America, is obviously disappointed that the WGA denied its request for a waiver,” the statement reads. “However, we are encouraged by the fact that the WGA has announced that it plans to negotiate agreements with independent production companies. Therefore, we will attempt to reach some type of agreement with them on behalf of the 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards, which will recognize and honor outstanding achievements in both movies and television programming made before the strike.”