Watch as the Best Picture Upset Unfolds: The Shocking Oscar Farce in Pictures

Watch the La La Land and Moonlight teams finds out the big mistake, frame by frame

While everyone recovers from the Best Picture drama at Sunday night’s Academy Awards — Why did Warren Beatty seemingly have the Best Actress envelope? Was it really Jimmy Kimmel’s fault? (we kid) — we’re reliving the crazy few moments as they all went down.

First: Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, reuniting 50 years after their iconic Bonnie and Clyde hit theaters — stepped up to the mic.

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After the presentation of the films, Beatty opened the envelope.

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He said “And the winner is …,” then gave what we all figured was an extra-dramatic pause.

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He passed the envelope to Dunaway, who read, “La La Land.”

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La La Land‘s cast and crew hit the stage, with producer Jordan Horowitz taking the mic first, thanking his family and saying sweetly, “There’s a lot of love in this room and lets use it to create and champion bold and diverse work. Work that inspires us towards joy, towards hope and towards empathy.”

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After co-producer Marc Platt said his piece, the film’s third producer, Fred Berger, took the stage, and began to thank his family. But there was commotion happening among the cast and crew behind him …

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Lucy Nicholson/Reuters
Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

… and Horowitz returned to the microphone, announcing, “No, there’s been a mistake” — it was Moonlight that had won Best Picture.

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And he had proof.

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Beatty also returned to the microphone to share his side of the story: in a confusing twist, his envelope somehow contained the information for the Best Actress winner, La La Land‘s Emma Stone.

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As Beatty explained, the cast and crew of Moonlight started to come to the stage, joining the captivated cast of La La Land in listening to Beatty.


And a stunned Ryan Gosling was all of us.

Ryan Gosling looks lumberjack chic as he is spotted having breakfast by himself at Little Dom's in Los Angeles.

A seriously shocked Emma Stone gave Moonlight‘s Mahershala Ali a hug as both casts muddled through the confusion.

Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

What you didn’t see on TV: the star-studded audience freaking out, too.

Al Seib/Los Angeles Times/Polaris

Horowitz and his colleagues graciously welcomed the Moonlight team to the stage, handing over their statuettes and giving director Barry Jenkins the floor. Jenkins thanked the La La Land team, and delivered another touching speech, saying, “Very clearly, very clearly in my dreams this could not be true but hell with my dreams, I’m done with it because this is true. Oh my goodness. And I have to say it is true. It’s not fake.”

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After the craziness, Gosling and Ali caught up backstage as John Legend walked by.

Lizz Leonard

Signing off — and helping to break a bit of the ice — host Jimmy Kimmel took the blame and promised he wouldn’t be back to host the Oscars again.

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Somehow, despite everything that happened, we don’t think that will be the case.

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