Lil' Kim's big entrance, Diddy's silent treatment and more from the MTV bash


1. Sean "Diddy" Combs giving MTV’s John Norris the silent treatment on the red carpet. The mogul, standing with his arms crossed, only answered questions through a spokesman – though he occasionally cracked a smile. Through his interpreter, Diddy predicted Shakira would win video of the year.

2. Lil’ Kim walking onstage flanked by guards and wearing an orange jumpsuit – poking fun at her nearly 10-month jail stay. She then ripped it off to display a gold bustier. “I want to thank you for keeping your lighters up for me,” she said. “It feels good to be home, here in New York.”

3. Sarah Silverman, joking in a recorded video that Lance Bass hit on her backstage. When a friend off-camera reminded the comedian that Bass came out on the cover of PEOPLE, she deadpanned, “That totally makes sense because remember that time he wanted to fly to the moon or whatever? Space travel is like the Liza Minnelli of travel!”

4. Power pop group OK GO, working out their skillfully synchronized treadmill dance for "Here It Goes Again." It was the first live onstage performance of the routine – which was a viral sensation on YouTube.

5. Adorable Little Miss Sunshine star Abigail Breslin, reprising her vamp moves from the movie to "Superfreak" with Fergie. “Oh, that’s so cool,” the 10-year-old cooed before presenting the best new artist in a video. “I got to dance on the VMAs.”