"When they overnight you an Emmy I did not know this was a thing," Taylor Swift wrote on Instagram, celebrating her original interactive program win

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated September 13, 2015 12:50 PM
Credit: Courtesy Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is only two awards short of an EGOT, and she has absolutely “no chill” about it.

The singer, 25, celebrated her original interactive program Emmy win for her AMEX Unstaged: Taylor Swift Experience project with (what else?) selfies.

Swift, who’s currently still out on her 1989 world tour, posed with her golden award (which was apparently mailed to her) and crew to hilarious results.

“WHEN THEY OVERNIGHT YOU AN EMMY,” Swift wrote on Instagram alongside a group photo with the trophy. “I DID NOT KNOW THIS WAS A THING.”

The “Blank Space” singer wasn’t done there, though.

“If you need us, we’ll be taking selfies with the Emmy ALL DAY,” she wrote of another photo. In an award selfie that rivals Ellen DeGeneres‘ internet-breaking Oscar photo, Swift peeks up in the bottom of the frame while the Emmy takes center stage.

Swift’s even implored her dancer Giuseppe Giofr to give a fake acceptance speech.

“And the Emmy for dramatic actor performance goes to Giuseppe. Who would you like to thank?” Swift asked the dancer from off-camera.

Nick Jonas,” he responded, to which Swift proclaimed “Yes!”

In yet another picture, Swift’s back-up singer Kamilah Marshall balances the award on her head.

“Here we see @gypsymoonshine demonstrating how Emmys can also be used as stylish hats,” Swift wrote, and then challenged, “Someone stop us.”

The streak ended with a final selfie of Swift and dancer Chris Owens.

“We have no chill,” the star wrote. “The Emmy has rendered us chill-less.”

Taylor Swifts OMG Face – Over, and Over, and Over .

Squad member Mariska Hargitay revealed earlier this week that Swift might make an appearance on an episode of Law & Order: SVU.

Is the singer gunning for a Golden Globe too? Hargitay said the guest spot won’t be until at least after the end of the Swift’s tour.