Credit: Mike Blake/Reuters/Landov; Mario Anzuoni/Reuters/Landov

Backstage at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday Steve Carell (whose The Office won for best ensemble comedy) joked about his sticky relationship with Ricky Gervais – who starred in the British version of The Office.

“[He’s] very scary. He’s a very intimidating human being and none of us like him very much, and he doesn’t like us either,” cracked Carell, who was surrounded by the rest of his show’s cast. “There’s an awkwardness. You can cut the tension with a knife.”

Added Carrell, “I actually saw Ricky in the men’s room just before the ceremony, and I swear to god, he leaned over the urinal and said: ‘I knew it!'”
Jed Dreben and Marla Lehner