Stacey Dash Explains 'How BET Lies to Black People' in Scathing Response Amid Backlash

The Clueless star has gone from actress to political pundit criticizing Donald Trump, BET and Black History Month.

Photo: Instagram

Stacey Dash has angered many people with her call to abolish Black Entertainment Television, Black History Month and the NAACP Image Awards.

Despite the backlash she’s received, most recently from The View co-hosts, Dash has more to say against BET.

The Fox News contributor and actress took to her blog on Wednesday to pen a scathing response called “How BET Lies to Black People.”

“Most people have never heard of The Game,” Dash wrote in reference to the network’s Instagram post, reminding her that she once appeared on a BET program. “Why? It’s on BET. Quick. Name the top shows on BET. Drawing a blank? I think I’ve made my point.”

Dash further explained, “BET lies to American black people by telling them that the rest of America is racist.”

In fact she clarified that she has no issue against black people having their own space, rather she has “a problem with the folks at BET absolutely freaking out when other institutions don’t match up to what they think is best.”

Adding, “Anything that promotes segregation is bad! And they’re absolutely mortified that someone like me – an independent-thinking black woman – dares call their bluff.”

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