Here's What It Would Look Like If Fred Armisen and Kristen Bell Starred in 'Birdman'

The two actors spoofed the critically acclaimed movie for the Spirit Awards

Photo: Danny Moloshok/Reuters/Landov

Ever wondered what Birdman would be like if it starred Fred Armisen and Kristen Bell instead of Michael Keaton and Emma Stone? Well, wonder no more, as the two stars spoofed the film to open the 2015 Spirit Awards on Saturday night.

Armisen and Bell – who were both hosting the annual indie film award show – weren’t the only big names in the funny bit. Keep an eye out for a drummer from another Oscar-nominated film and a surprise appearance by one of Armisen’s Saturday Night Live buddies.

And don’t feel too bad for Birdman and its stars for getting spoofed as both Keaton and the film took home top prizes at the Spirit Awards.

Check out the full skit above and be sure to join us at 6 p.m. ET on Sunday night for our full Oscars coverage!

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