Saoirse Ronan on Getting the Call That She Was Nominated for a Golden Globe: 'I Couldn't Answer Because My Nails Were Wet'

"I was in the nail salon getting my nails done and my phone kept ringing, but I couldn't answer because my nails were wet," Saoirse Ronan tells PEOPLE

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Saoirse Ronan wasn’t anxiously waiting by the phone to hear the news of her Golden Globe nomination on Thursday morning – in fact, her hands were tied as she got the call.

“I was in the nail salon getting my nails done and my phone kept ringing, but I couldn’t answer because my nails were wet,” Ronan, 21, tells PEOPLE. “When I finally answered, I got the news.”

Ronan was nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama, for her role as Irish immigrant Eilis in the film Brooklyn. “I’m just so thankful to be recognized,” she says.

Unable to contain her excitement and coming off the heels of being nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for the same film on Wednesday, Ronan “shrieked” when she heard the news and shared it with the entire nail salon.

“I told everyone at the salon,” she recalled. “They were all congratulating me, and we even popped champagne.”

But luckily, her mom was sitting right by her side as well when Ronan got the good news. “She was getting her nails done with me so I got to share the excitement with her.”

While a nail salon might an unconventional place to find out about a nomination, Ronan says it’s become a bit of a tradition to get good news while in strange situations.

“One time I was driving when I got the call and I almost crashed the car. Next I’ll probably be skydiving or something,” she jokes.

And while Ronan says she wasn’t expecting to be honored, she did have a bit of a subconscious premonition when it came to picking her nail color.

“It’s funny because I got my nails painted gold,” she says. “And I’ve never had them gold before!”

Not content to sit back and rest on her accolades, Ronan is already moving on to her next challenge. She’s currently preparing for her stage and Broadway debuts in a new production of the Arthur Miller classic, The Crucible. THE CRUCIBLE.

The Crucible

begins performances Feb. 29, and opens Apr. 7 at the Walter Kerr Theatre in New York City.

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