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January 26, 2014 10:55 AM

Sandra Bullock praised the imagination, kindness and inspiration of her Gravity director, Alfonso Cuarén, at the 66th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday.

She also teased the heck out of him.

Bullock, 49, joked that her son Louis, 3½, may need therapy for years to come after watching his mom rigged up on set with equipment that made it look like she was adrift in space.

As she spent hours in her astronaut’s suit, locked down in a 9-by-9-ft. light box with only an earpiece to hear, Bullock said Cuarén would offer her a little break and comfort after shooting intense scenes by showing her son’s face.

“Alfonso directs not only the actor, but the person,” Bullock, who is Oscar-nominated for Gravity, said of their strong relationship and trust built on set. “He always knew when I was starting to near the end of my rope, and he would break for what he thought would get me through, which was usually an iced latte. But I reminded him that I could not get out of the contraption that I was in to use the restroom, so an iced latte was probably not the best serving.”

Instead of a beverage, the treat became her little boy.

“So the next thing I know, my sweet son‘s face would come up in the small window in the light box. That sweet little face, painfully contorting to the horrific images of his mother strapped and bound in this ugly, ugly machine, wearing pieces of an outfit that resembled marshmallows,” she said. “And those are images and damage that he and I will have to address years from now. But Alfonso meant well. He meant well.”

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Others honored by the DGA Saturday included: Vince Gilligan of Breaking Bad for dramatic series, Beth McCarthy-Miller of 30 Rock for comedy series and Steven Soderbergh for his television movie, Behind the Candelabra.

Reporting by SCOTT HUVER

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