January 24, 2010 02:10 PM

When asked to describe her phenomenal success the last few months, Sandra Bullock has one word for it: Baffling.

The Blind Side star, who has made her name in lighter romantic comedy fare such as The Proposal and Miss Congeniality, says the response to her serious turn as tough-as-nails mom Leigh Anne Tuohy has been “overwhelming.”

“I love doing what I love doing, but it’s not a road that leads to this place,” she tells PEOPLE. “It’s just been completely baffling and unexpected and overwhelming and sweet and fun.”

Bullock, 45, who picked up the SAG Award for outstanding performance by a female leading actor on Saturday evening, adds,

“I’ve met the greatest people. You sit at tables and you look at fellow actors who you’ve known but you don’t know, and everyone is so humble and great. There s not an ego anywhere to be found.”

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