SAG Awards 2017: The Best Style and Beauty Moments from Nominated Characters

These SAG nominees' onscreen alter egos had such bold outfits and beauty looks they're award-worthy in their own right

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Jackie Kennedy's Iconic Pink Suit

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Twentieth Century Fox

In Jackie, Natalie Portman inhabited the former First Lady's style so well, you could have sworn the legendary blood-stained pink Chanel suit in the film was the same one Jackie wore in real life. It actually looked that way thanks to some help from the brand — Chanel ended up sending buttons, the label and chains to stitch into the jacket to create the proper look.

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Queen Elizabeth's Adorable Day Dresses

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Netflix's The Crown may depict the Queen's life 60 years ago, but her colorful collection of prim and pretty A-line day dresses is something we'd gladly take in our own wardrobe today.

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Florence Foster Jenkins's Elaborate Headpieces


Just like her unconventional singing style, the amateur soprano's flamboyant fashion (which includes over-the-top crowns) was so shocking you couldn't help but stare.

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Frankie's Eccentric Accessories

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Melissa Moseley/Netflix

We love Frankie's colorful caftans, oversize sun hats and eclectic taste in jewelry in Grace and Frankie. But what we love most of all about the artsy hippie (played by Lily Tomlin)? Her DGAF attitude about what anyone thinks of her.

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Maeve Millay's Fanciful Hairstyle

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Thandie Newton's Westworld character may question her surroundings, but she has no doubt that her updo braid accentuated with pink feather accessories is a hairdo worth copying again and again.

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Mia Dolan's Colorful Yellow Dress


La La Land pays homage to Old Hollywood's technicolor films of the '40s and '50s through Mia's (played by Emma Stone) wonderfully bright wardrobe. And one outfit that's a particular standout? Her swingy yellow A-line during her dance number with Ryan Gosling.

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Marcia Clark's Legendary Perm


The country had a very harsh reaction to The People v. O.J. Simpson prosecutor's "wash-and-go hair" (and that's putting it lightly), but actress Sarah Paulson loves it so much, she carries the wig around as her good luck charm on award show nights. Now that's what we call a winning hairstyle!

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Eleven's Shaved Head


Stranger Things's Eleven is badass in every way possible. From her psychokinetic powers to her muddied pink dress and of course, her tough and fierce shaved head.

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Anita Hill's Bold Suits

Frank Masi/HBO

There's only one thing that could ever distract us from Kerry Washington's captivating testimony playing Anita Hill in Confirmation, and that's the impactful blue power suit worn throughout.

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