Naomi Watts 'Had a Tearful Moment' with Mark Ruffalo's Wife Following 'Spotlight' Win at the SAG Awards

"[Sunny and I] just had a tearful moment and holding and squeezing each other," Watts says

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After Spotlighttook home outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture at Saturday night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, there were at least two more pairs of teary eyes.

Naomi Watts described the victory for PEOPLE, from where she was sitting with Spotlight star Mark Ruffalo‘s wife, Sunny.

(Watts also chatted with best friend Nicole Kidman during the ceremony.)

“[Sunny and I] just had a tearful moment and holding and squeezing each other,” Watts said at the the Screen Actors Guild Awards Gala hosted by PEOPLE and the Entertainment Industry Foundation (sponsored by L’Or al Paris and Dunkin’ Donuts.)

Watts is dating Spotlight star Liev Schreiber.

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It was an equally powerful moment for the cast of the film – which recounts the Boston Globe‘s exposé of the Catholic priest sex abuse scandal – as Ruffalo explained during his speech.

“I have to thank our producers, Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer, who just took every single opportunity to tell the truth,” said Ruffalo, 48. “They didn’t take any cheap way, it was always the truth and honored these people.

“These victims who are dead, and the survivors who are still alive, of one of the most horrific things that our culture has allowed to happen.”

“This movie allows them to be seen in a world that has been blind to them,” Ruffalo continued. “And so it is such an honor to be standing in front of you on behalf of them. And this amazing cast.”

Reporting by NICOLE SANDS

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