2016 SAG Awards Nominee Jacob Tremblay's 'Best Friend' Is Obviously Johnny Depp

Jacob Tremblay is nominated for best supporting actor in a male role for his performance in Room


Jacob Tremblay isn’t phased by all the big names on the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet – because he’s got them all wrapped around his little finger.

The adorable 9-year-old Room star, who is both a presenter and nominee, tells PEOPLE on the red carpet that he and Johnny Depp are “best friends.”

Tremblay’s also hoping to add another A-lister to his squad on Saturday: Leonardo DiCaprio.

“There’s gonna be Leonardo DiCaprio here. There could be tons of people here,” Tremblay says, later revealing, “I’m excited to meet him.”

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So what is the Critics’ Choice Award-winner expecting from the evening?

“I sense that it’s gonna be a huge party,” Tremblay says. “I bet it’s gonna be pretty good.”

If Tremblay wins the best supporting actor in a male role award we can guess how he’ll celebrate – with a killer dance routine.

The little star broke it down to “Uptown Funk” after the Critics’ Choice Awards, and, needless to say, his moves are scene-stealers.

The 22nd annual SAG Awards will being presented live from Los Angeles on both TNT and TBS.

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