The Birdman actor was nearly unrecognizable during the SAG Awards' opening bit

By Kelli Bender
Updated January 25, 2015 09:30 PM
Credit: David Livingston/Getty

Zach, is that you?

During the Screen Actors Guild Awards opening bit Sunday, the star-studded crowd of thespians offered humorous quips about their craft. While it was easy to spot Jennifer Aniston and winner Uzo Aduba, there was one face who didn’t look familiar.

“I am Zach Galifianakis and I am an actor,” said the Birdman star as he turned around in his chair and looked into the camera.

Only this Galifianakis was lacking his signature bushy beard, swapping it for a sleek bun and light stubble. Along with the facial hair flip-flop, the actor was showing off a much thinner physique.

Galifianakis first debuted his major weight loss in October at a Birdman screening, and he appears to have continued to slim down.

The Hangover funnyman attributed his new appearance to kicking a few of his favorite foods from his diet.

“I was having a lot of vodka with sausage,” he told Conan O’Brien in 2013. “Delicious, but bad for you.”

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