Good genes clearly run in the Gosling family
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Good genes clearly run in the Gosling family.

Ryan Gosling caused a stir on social media when he brought along a blond beauty as his date to the Oscars on Sunday rather than his longtime partner Eva Mendes. Not long after Twitter users began asking “Who is that?”, it was revealed that Ryan, like many other celebrities, had opted to bring a family member to the big night: his older sister, Mandi.

Despite the 36-year-old actor’s film La La Land winning six awards, Mandi stole the spotlight from her Oscar-nominated sibling — thanks to her golden gown and good looks.

Here’s what to know about Mandi Gosling.

1. Twitter is obsessed with Mandi after Sunday’s Academy Awards

While there is no shortage of Ryan Gosling love following his leading role in the musical, Mandi gained her own slew of fans. Twitter users went wild after learning the identity of the actor’s mystery date, and swooned over her dress (complete with plunging neckline).

“That is one hell of a gene pool they got going in that family!” wrote one Twitter user.

Some even played matchmaker for Mandi.

“What if emma stone‘s brother & ryan gosling’s sister fell in love?” one fan speculated. “They are sitting next to each other. IT COULD HAPPEN.”

2. Mandi let her little brother shine on the red carpet

While Ryan spoke to hosts on the red carpet, Mandi patiently waited behind. Some eagle-eyed viewers spotted the proud big sister hanging back while Ryan spoke to ABC News’ Robin Roberts about the love for La La Land.

“It’s been such a surprise,” the actor said of the reaction to the musical. “I know I loved the film and we loved it when we made it, but we had no idea that it would have this kind of reception at all. It’s been a nice surprise.”

3. She happily schmoozed with the stars at the awards show.

Ryan reportedly introduced his sister to his peers at the Oscars. According to AOL, Mandi chatted with her brother’s fellow Mickey Mouse Club alum Justin Timberlake as well as Viggo Mortensen during the evening.

4. Mandi often accompanies her little brother to events.

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The 2017 Oscars wasn’t Mandi’s first red-carpet rodeo. In fact, Ryan brought both Mandi and their mother, Donna, to the awards show in 2007 when he was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his work in Half Nelson. (All together now: Aww!)

Mandi also accompanied Ryan to the Gotham Awards in 2006 and to the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2008. In addition, she’s also been her brother’s date to numerous movie premieres over the years.

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5. Ryan credits his sister as “my best friend and my hero growing up.”

Mandi always had a big influence on Ryan. The actor once told The Independent about growing up in a house full of girls.

“I think like a girl, I think,” he said. “I was literally raised by my mother and my sister. And I feel like I wouldn’t know how to think any other way. My sister was my best friend and my hero growing up. Because I was home-schooled I didn’t have a lot of friends and I did ballet, which was always just girls. All that stuff had an effect on my brain.”