Forget Amy and J. Law: Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay Are the BFFs We Want to Be Friends with This Awards Season

The Room stars are serious #SquadGoals

Photo: Source: The Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences/Instagram

On screen in Room, they play a mother and son who have lived in captivity and are adjusting to life outside the tiny room where they spent seven years.

But in real life, Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay are just best buds.

Brie is seasoned semi-newbie and a front-runner for this year’s Best Actress trophy at the Academy Awards.

And 9-year-old Jacob, well, he’s the undisputed fan favorite of this year’s awards season.

They’ve both won awards for their performances in the movie, and the film earned four Oscar nods, too. And for that we’re thankful – because it means we’ve been getting tons of picture-perfect Brie and Jacob moments, with more to come.

They’re always goofing off.

They celebrated Brie’s Golden Globe win.

And they take the cutest photos together.


They’ve been the highlight of pretty much every awards show this season, but their friendship goes way, way back.

Neither of them can stop gushing about the other on Instagram

Brie’s such a fan of her co-star that she started a hashtag in her mini BFF’s honor: #TremblayTuesday, which brings us gems like these:

They work the red carpet together.

And she’s started a presidential campaign we can all get behind (#Jacob4Prez).

Never change, you guys.

Let’s hope Tremblay’s parents make a few more appearances, too.

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