In her way, Her majesty keeps this award where she can always keep an eye on it

By Simon Perry
Updated February 18, 2014 02:25 PM
Credit: David Crump/Getty

Queen Elizabeth has the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London and a world-famous stamp collection at St. James’s Palace. But ever wonder where she keeps her honorary BAFTA award?

Somewhere she can always keep an eye on it: On top of one of her many television sets.

The British monarch, 87, made the revelation Monday evening while entertaining actors and actresses at Buckingham Palace.

With the Duchess of Cambridge by her side, the Queen greeted stars of film and theater such as Dame Helen Mirren and Uma Thurman as she celebrated her 60th anniversary as patron of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and the contribution that the dramatic arts make to national life.

Upon meeting British actress Jane Horrocks, the Queen was asked about the BAFTA she was given last April.

“I keep it on the TV,” she replied.

Dame Helen, who has played Elizabeth on stage and screen, told reporters that royal roles never came up in the conversation Monday.

“I am genuinely always attracted by her aura, her twinkle,” said Mirren, 68. Discussing her portrayals of the monarch, she added: “I feel like saying I am so sorry and I promise I will stop.”

Hollywood beauty Uma Thurman said she was “chuffed and overwhelmed” to be at the Palace and meet the Queen.

“It’s such a privilege, such an honor,” said Thurman, 43. “It’s so beautiful. I had to remind myself not to trip because you can be taken in by the beauty of the place.”

“I had never met the Queen before, and now I have,” she added. “Us Americans, you know, we are all in awe of British actors.”

The invitation to the Palace was also the icing on the cake for Bond girl Gemma Arterton. “My mum and dad were so proud when I got the letter. They said, ‘You’re going to meet the Queen.’ I’ve met most of the royal family, but I’d never met the Queen. Now I’ve got the full set.”