Players' Club: The Supporting Actor Nominees

These go-to guys, including Javier Bardem and Casey Affleck, helped carry their films, but only carried home the Oscar. By Suzy Byrne

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No Country for Old Men
Oscar History: Two nominations, and now one win.
2008 Scorecard: The five-time nominee also won at the Golden Globe, Critics' Choice, Screen Actors Guild and the Nationa Board of Review awards.
Before He Hit Oscar: The Spaniard played rugby for the Spanish National Team.
Language Barrier: "It's like a corset that you have to live with," the Spanish-born actor, 38, told L.A.'s Daily News about English-language films. "But once you conquer it, you feel free in another way."

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The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Oscar History: This is his first nomination.
2008 Scorecard: Affleck won a National Board of Review award, and has been nominated four other times.
Before He Hit Oscar: Growing up, the Cambridge, Mass., native was a bit of a hellion in his neighborhood – he threw firecrackers off the library roof.
First Response: "It's really nice that people respond to the movie and the performances in the movie," Affleck, 32, told AOL. "I've been in a lot of movies where that's not the case, so it's a nice change."

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Into the Wild
Oscar History: This is the 82-year-old's first nomination.
2008 Scorecard: He has received four nominations so far this season, including Screen Actors Guild and Critics' Choice nods.
Before He Hit Oscar: The Ohio native served in the U.S. Army in World War II.
Wild about Wild: "Eighty-two years old and you get a job like this?" he said to Entertainment Weekly. "It's a miracle."

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Charlie Wilson's War
Oscar History: Two nominations, one win (for Capote in 2006).
2008 Scorecard: Hoffman has received four nominations – including two Golden Globes nods.
Before He Hit Oscar: The New Yorker's first acting role was as Radar O'Riley in his high school's production of M.A.S.H.
Random Sampling: "I just sort of look for projects that strike me as interesting," Hoffman, 40, told Entertainment Weekly, "Do a little something over here, pick a little something from over there."

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Michael Clayton
Oscar History: Two nominations, no wins – yet!
2008 Scorecard: The four-time nominee was up for a Golden Globe and a SAG Award.
Before He Hit Oscar: The British actor graduated from the University of Kent at Canterbury with a degree in English and American Literature.
To Be or Not to Be: "When I read the script, I knew what was going through [my character's] head," Wilkinson, 58, told Entertainment Weekly. "Imagine being pushed to the point where you're asked to do something that is in direct conflict with everything you've ever been taught about human decency. It's not unlike Hamlet."

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And the Oscar Nominees Are...

And the Oscar Nominees Are...
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