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"I kind of wing things," the Big Bang Theory star tells PEOPLE

January 09, 2013 01:00 PM

“Nervous” is not a word in Kaley Cuoco‘s vocabulary.

The Big Bang Theory star, 27, who will host the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday for the second consecutive year, tells PEOPLE she’s “the least prepared person in the world,” but it doesn’t concern her one bit.

“Even with [Big Bang], too, I never have a script,” she explained right before rehearsals for the awards show.

“It’s embarrassing. I just kind of wing things. I know my dialogue the minute I look at it. I’m sure the [People’s Choice producers] are thrilled to finally get me here. I was like, ‘I don’t need to rehearse. I’m fine!’ ”

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The actress owes a lot of why she doesn’t really get nervous about acting and hosting in Hollywood to her family and upbringing.

“I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years and I have the best family and I grew up in this amazing area with amazing friends,” she says. “I was taught not to get too caught up in this world. This is just a part of life. It’s a great part of life, but there are other things that are as important.”

Pleased with her style as last year’s host, Cuoco will continue keeping the show “more on the comedy side.”

“[Comedy’s] what I’m best at,” she said. “[Last year] ended up being really cute and I felt really natural. I think that’s why they brought me back. I don’t come from musical theater and I’m not going to do some big dance number. Shows usually open that way, but they were cool with me not doing that.”

Cuoco is especially excited about the part her pet will play in the show.

“My dog is actually the star of one of the segments we’re doing, so it’s very family oriented and fun,” she says. “It’s just real.”

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