The Mindy Project costars made us blush at Thursday's PEOPLE Magazine Awards

By Tara Fowler
December 19, 2014 01:15 AM
Credit: Kevin Winter/PMA2014/Getty

Mindy Kaling and Chris Messinaearned their PEOPLE Magazine Award for On-Screen Couple of the Year on Thursday.

While accepting the award, the actor surprised Kaling by setting it aside – and then turning her around to stare passionately into her eyes.

Danny and Mindy shippers waited with baited breath to see if The Mindy Project costars would kiss, but they split at the last second.

“Wait, is your hand on my butt?” asked Messina. “No, no, no,” Kaling said, backing away.

And it’s a good thing too: the actress, 35, usually likes a little bit more prep for her make-out sessions.

“When I kiss someone on camera, it’s more than a breath mint,” Kaling told PEOPLE in 2012. “I do the whole teeth-brushing thing. I want to give 100 percent.”

While the two have undeniable sparks, what is up for debate is who’s responsible for them.

“On-screen chemistry is a very mysterious thing,” Messina, 40, said in his acceptance speech.

“No, great writing equals great chemistry,” Kaling countered.

Unfortunately, Messina did not bust out his dance moves. There’s always next year!