PEOPLE Magazine Awards: Jennifer Lopez on the Highlights of Her Year

The mother, actress, singer and producer talks about her best moments of 2014

Photo: Kevin Winter/PMA2014/Getty

She has come a long way since being “Jenny from the Block.”

Jennifer Lopez, looking radiant in a low-cut jumpsuit, talked about the great year she’s had while on the red carpet at the PEOPLE Magazine Awards on Thursday in Hollywood, prior to her win for Triple Threat.

What were the highlights for the women who does it all?

“Releasing my 10th album,” she said. “Writing my first book, that was a big deal.”

She admits it helps to have a lot of love in her life.

“I have my kids. I have help. Everybody has a lot of help. My mom always used to say it takes a village to raise children,” she said. “It takes a village to do everything and to do it well. I am in no shortage of a village. That helps me do everything that I do.”

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