Jimmy Kimmel explains what he saw go down during the Best Picture mixup at the Academy Awards, joking "Warren Beatty has had so much sex he can't think about it right"

By Julie Mazziotta
February 27, 2017 02:02 AM
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Jimmy Kimmel has some theories about what when wrong during the flubbed Best Picture reveal.

The Academy Award host talked about the mixup, in which La La Land was mistakenly named over the true winner, Moonlight, joking that presenter Warren Beatty‘s mind was in other places.

“Warren Beatty has had so much sex he can’t think about it right,” Kimmel said during the ABC aftershow. “This is a guy who probably never had to sign anything, he just has people do that for him.”

All jokes aside, Kimmel isn’t sure exactly what went down.

“I don’t know the whole story — there’s a couple things I do know though. The envelope Warren Beatty was holding said best actress. That I do know,” Kimmel said. “He was confused because the card, which he showed to be me by the way, said, ‘Emma Stone, La La Land.’ We thought he was being coy and cute and milking it, but in reality he was as perplexed as anybody.”

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host says the dramatic ending was more than he could’ve imagined.

“You know, you do a talk show every night and you thrive on these moments. This is exactly what you want.”