Miss Universe Offers Advice for the Oscars After Best Picture Mistake: 'Have Your People Call Our People'

The Miss Universe organization offered their help to the Oscars after La La Land was mistakenly awarded Best Picture over Moonlight

Someone get Steve Harvey on the line!

After a history-making mix-up at the Academy Awards, when La La Land was mistakenly named the Best Picture winner over Moonlight, there were immediate comparisons to the Miss Universe shocker from 2015 — and the organization offered their help.

“Have your people call our people — we know what to do. #Oscars #MissUniverse,” the Miss Universe organization tweeted.

Presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway looked confused as they opened the card to announce the Best Picture winner, before saying La La Land had taken the top prize. Cast and crew celebrated onstage and started giving speeches, until a show producer ran out and word spread that Moonlight had in fact won.

Academy Award host Jimmy Kimmel said, “Guys, this is very unfortunate what happened. Personally, I blame Steve Harvey for this. I would like to see you get an Oscar anyway, why can’t we just give out a whole bunch of them?”

Moonlight director Barry Jenkins then thanked the Academy, and tipped his hat to La La Land.

“Very clearly, very clearly in my dreams this could not be true but hell with my dreams, I’m done with it because this is true,” said Jenkins. “Oh my goodness. And I have to say it is true. It’s not fake. We’ve been on the road with these guys for so long — my love to La La Land. My love to everybody. Man.”

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