Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs is not letting envelopegate get to her or any Academy member, as she made it clear in an emaiL sent out to members that they "have so much to be proud of"

By Alexia Fernández
March 03, 2017 12:48 AM

Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs is not letting envelopegate get to her or any Academy member, as she made it clear in an email sent out to members saying they “have so much to be proud of.”

In the email, Boone Isaacs writes she is “proud of the work and effort” from everyone involved in bringing the 2017 Oscars to life, including show producers Jennifer Todd and Michael De Luca.

She acknowledged the mistake made during the presentation for the Best Picture Oscar, writing, “We all know that the wrong envelope and the problems that ensued were caused by the failure of PwC’s accountants to follow established protocols and their delay in immediately remedying the situation.”

“PwC has accepted full responsibility for the error,” she continued. “Rest assured, changes will be implemented to ensure this never happens again.”

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She praised several instances from the show, including Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel for his “impeccable and effortless hosting job,” Justin Timberlake‘s “electric opening number that brought everybody to their feet,” and John Legend‘s “soulful serenade” from the film La La Land, among others.

Boone Isaacs also commended the “inspiring introduction” by the cast of Hidden Figures for NASA scientist Katherine Johnson, as well as the emotional moments of the show, from Jennifer Aniston‘s “heartfelt remarks” for lost icons to Sara Bareilles’ tribute.

She thanked the stage managers and crew for their professionalism throughout the night. When speaking to The New Yorker of her reaction in the immediate aftermath of the blunder, Boone Isaacs said, “Horror. I just thought, What? What? I looked out and I saw a member of [accounting firm] Pricewaterhouse coming on the stage, and I was, like, Oh, no, what—what’s happening? What what WHAT? What could possibly . . . ? And then I just thought, Oh, my God, how does this happen? How. Does. This. Happen. And it was such a wonderful show.”

A spokesperson for PwC told PEOPLE that Martha Ruiz and Brian Cullinan, the two accountants in charge of handing the envelopes to presenters backstage, were “taken off the Academy Awards but they still remain partners at the firm.”

Furthermore, the company said that both accountants have security guards after personal details and pictures of their homes were posted online.