February 22, 2015 10:35 PM

And you thought his Gone Girl character showed a lot of skin.

Neil Patrick Harris stripped down to his skivvies while hosting the Oscars in a playful ode to Best Picture nominee Birdman.

In one of the film’s most climactic scenes, Michael Keaton gets locked out of his Broadway theater, his bathrobe stuck in the back door, so he races through Times Square in his underwear.

After a commercial break Sunday, a voiceover announced that Harris, 41, hadn’t made his quick-change, and the camera panned to him outside his dressing room, caught in a similarly inappropriate situation. He stripped down to his briefs and ran as – surprise! – Whiplash star Miles Teller played the drums.

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“Not. My. Tempo,” Harris quipped, stealing Best Supporting Actor winner J.K. Simmons‘s line.

The crowd roared as a nearly nude Harris took the stage, sheepishly introducing Margot Robbie and Teller: “Acting is a noble profession.”

Meanwhile, Twitter was abuzz with observations about just how tight Harris’s whities were:

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