Jennifer Lopez and Meryl Streep Had the Most Fun Sitting Together

The unlikely pair hit it off at the Oscars on Sunday

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty; Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

One’s a screen legend. The other’s a musical diva. Thanks to an auspicious seating arrangement, Jennifer Lopez and Meryl Streep are our new favorite power couple.

The stars totally hit it off in the Oscars audience Sunday night, officially becoming our No. 1 celebrity BFFs.

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It all started with a smile: Streep, 65, gave a humble grimace about her Into the Woods nomination, and J. Lo was all, “Don’t be fooled by the Oscars she’s got, she’s still she’s still Meryl from the block.”

Then, they bonded over their girl crush on Patricia Arquette, who turned her Best Supporting Actress speech into a rallying cry for equal pay.

Their mutual love, as most modern relationships are, was solidified with a selfie.

Now that Lopez, 45, is back in the acting game, here’s hoping these fast friends will get the chance to costar in … anything. A musical, a rom-com, a drama, a psychosexual thriller about the boy next door, whatever. Streep will probably still get an Oscar nod.

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