Frazer Harrison/Getty; Courtesy Pumpstbakery/Instagram
February 22, 2015 10:55 PM

The real winner at the 2015 Oscars wasn’t a film or an actor, but a little bakery in Suffolk, England.

During their acceptance speech, Mat Kirkby, director of the Best Live Action Short, The Phone Call (with co-writer and producer James Lucas), mentioned that he was excited to bring his Oscar into his local bakery.

Turns out, this has been a longstanding goal: In an interview a week ago, Kirkby mentioned that one of the women who works at Pump Street Bakery near his home in Suffolk, England, “promised me a free doughnut if I bring in the Oscar,” before mentioning that he loved their rhubarb doughnuts.

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And Kirkby’s comments won him some fans on Twitter, many of whom likely had no idea that he – nor Pump Street – existed before his Oscar win.

If Pump Street experiences a huge surge in business, they have two people to thank: Kirkby and PEOPLE.

And we do accept payment in doughnuts.

And the Award for Most Memorable Oscar Speech Goes to

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