The comedian painted a bleak picture of Hollywood's future during a bit of song-and-dance counter-programming

By Lanford Beard
Updated February 22, 2015 09:55 PM
Credit: John Shearer/Invision/AP

Jack Black went dark for his breakout section of Oscars host Neil Patrick Harris’s singing, dancing opening number.

Unlike the adoring message delivered by Harris, 40, and Anna Kendrick, Black strode to the stage Kanye West-style to hijack the musical number, telling the host, “Believe me, Neil, you’re better off polishing your Tony.”

He warned of a future filled with “superheroes … formulaic scripts – and, after Fifty Shades of Grey, leather whips.”

Though most of the Oscars is generally dedicated to lifting up the achievements of the past year in filmmaking, Black’s aggressive meditation on dropping box-office totals and watching films on “screens in our jeans” was an unexpected bit of counter-programming.

Which isn’t to say it was an entirely welcome one: Kendrick, 29, threw her Into the Woods Cinderella slipper at Black, 45, to shoo him off the stage.

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