J.K. Simmons Shares the Odd Place He Will Keep His Oscar If He Wins

J.K. Simmons is planning on bringing his kids as guests to film's biggest night

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J.K. Simmons’s makeshift mantel is running out of space.

The actor, 60, took home another honor for his role in Whiplash on Saturday, this time winning the best supporting actor category at the Independent Spirit Awards.

Simmons has also won a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild Award and a BAFTA for his portrayal of brutal jazz teacher Terence Fletcher in the drama. Currently, all the prizes are set up in an unusual spot.

“Right now there is an embarrassingly large collection of them that are sitting on top of a mini fridge in our bathroom,” Simmons told reporters at the Independent Spirit Awards. “Can’t lie.”

Unlike his hot-headed character, the Best Supporting Actor nominee isn’t stressed about all the attention he has been receiving, even with Sunday’s Academy Awards quickly approaching.

“Just looking forward to the day and having fun and seeing a bunch more colleagues on the carpet, and getting a chance to hang out a little bit,” he said about his game plan for the Oscars night.

Simmons also shared his pre-award show ritual, which is surprisingly normal. The actor says he spends the weekend sleeping in, and then on the day of the big show he usually goes to gym and makes sure to eat breakfast and lunch before heading out to the event.

He is changing up one thing for the Oscars: he’s bringing his children as guests to the show. The father of three has had a running gag through his winning season of thanking his “average” kids.

“They take it in stride. I think we’ll see if there are any variations to be had or not and we’ll see what their response might be,” he said in regards to his potential Oscar acceptance speech.

Win or not, Simmons says he and his kids are excited for film’s biggest night.

Reporting by MARIAH HAAS

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