February 22, 2015 09:55 PM

Pawel Pawlikowski just drummed up one of the 2015 Oscars’ more memorable moments.

The director, 57, won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film on Sunday for Ida, and his overlong – and hilarious – speech will easily make it into the annals of Oscar highlights history.

“How did I get here?” Pawlikowski wondered onstage at the Dolby Theatre at the Hollywood & Highland Center. “We made a film – black-and-white – about the need for silence and withdrawal from the world and contemplation, and here we are at this epicenter of noise and world attention,” he said, to laughter and applause from the audience.

As he thanked the producers and distributors of Ida, the playoff music – indicating his need to wrap it up in the interest of time constraints – began to swell.

“Oh, wrap up!” said Pawlikowski, proving that he had indeed noticed his cue.

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Undeterred, however, he barreled on: “Okay, so, quick and to the point,” he said, doing nothing of the sort.

“To my Polish friends who are in front of the TV and the crew who are in the trenches with us and who are totally drunk right now, you were fantastic. You were brilliant. You carried me through this film and you are what I love about Poland,” Pawlikowski continued, as the wrap-up music gained in volume, causing Pawlikowski to raise his voice to be heard above the clamor.

Then, the music fell silent entirely, as if the track had ended or it had simply quit in the face of a truly worthy adversary.

Pawlikowski went on to thank his late wife and late parents as well as his children, “who are hopefully watching, who are still alive,” he said, and the crowd began to cheer him on as the music swelled once more. “I love you – you are the main prize,” Pawlikowski finished. “Thank you.”

The cue music won this round, but Pawlikowski did not give up without a fight.

And the Award for Most Memorable Oscar Speech Goes to

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