VIDEO: Why Leonardo DiCaprio Is a Sure Thing to Win the Oscar This Year

PEOPLE's editorial director breaks down why Leonardo DiCaprio will finally take home an Oscar for The Revenant


Got an Oscar office pool going? It would be wise to put your money on Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Revenant star, 41, who recently won the Golden Globe for his performance as a 19th-century mountain man left for dead after a bear attack, got the good news on Thursday morning that he’s up for an Oscar at the Academy Awards on Feb. 28.

Despite some tough competition from fellow nominees Bryan Cranston, Matt Damon, Michael Fassbender and Eddie Redmayne, Editorial Director of PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly Jess Cagle says that this year, “Leo is a sure thing.”

Cagle points out that The Revenant received 12 nominations including best director for Alejandro G. Iñérritu and best supporting actor for Tom Hardy, showing it has plenty of support from the Academy.

After four previous nominations and no wins, Leo is also overdue for a statuette. “At some point in an actor’s career there just seems to be a mass sentiment among academy voters that this is his time,” says Cagle. “People in Hollywood feel like Leonardo DiCaprio’s time has come.”

Watch the video for the complete breakdown of Leo’s frontrunner status – and what Academy members are saying.

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