"It's kind of hilarious and daunting seeing your icons kind of hammered," she says

By Alison Schwartz
January 21, 2011 08:20 AM
Francis Specker/Landov

Guess which star had her knickers in a knot – or, more precisely, pulled over her dress – in the bathroom of a Golden Globes party?

Minnie Driver will never tell.

The Barney’s Version actress, 40, said she got up close and personal in the ladies room with a “very gorgeous, lovely, young actress coming out of the stall” next to her – who just so happened to be having a wardrobe malfunction.

“I did stop and help her, and I said, ‘I’m just glad you’re wearing knickers,’ ” she tells Ellen DeGeneres on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “But I don’t think she knew what knickers were because it’s an English word, but it was good. It was really good. It was a good story.”

And while she wouldn’t give any clues about the leading lady herself, she did make mention of her not-so-subtle sobriety level.

“It’s kind of hilarious and daunting seeing your icons kind of hammered,” she said. “Not necessarily fall down drunk – but definitely saying inappropriate things – and it’s very lovely and it’s sort of weird and awful, and I enjoy it.”