The actor was honored for his performance in Birdman

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
Updated December 18, 2014 11:15 PM
Credit: Kevin Winter/PMA2014/Getty

Matthew McConaughey may have had a McConaissance, but Michael Keaton is having a renaissance of his own this year.

The actor best known for playing Beetlejuice and Batman won the PEOPLE Magazine Award for Movie Performance of the Year – Actor for his role in the dark comedy Birdman.

“I am extremely appreciative. I can’t believe my fans hung in there this long and I am grateful to anyone who has ever given me a helping hand,” said Keaton, 63, as he took the stage at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles on Thursday night. “I’m going to buy Jeff [Bridges] a shot of tequila right now and go home and kiss my dogs.”

Bridges presented Keaton with his award, telling the crowd, “He flies to great new heights and hits every note perfectly.”

Keaton plays a former movie superhero in Birdman, which also stars Emma Stone and Edward Norton, and has been nominated for a Golden Globe and Independent Spirit award.