Everything you need to know about squeezing in a selfie with the always picture-perfect award winner

By Alison Schwartz
Updated February 27, 2014 12:00 PM
Kevork Djansezian/Getty

Meryl Streep knows how to work the camera – that we know.

But we’re not even talking about one of her Oscar-winning turns on the big screen. With the same finesse and sophistication she brings to her roles, Streep totally nails it when she takes a selfie.

Streep will be attending Sunday’s Academy Awards, so we’re hoping the August: Osage County leading lady (and Best Actress nominee) will be playing paparazzi among her star crowd. As a favor to her peers set to fill the Dolby Theatre – we’re looking at you, Jennifer Lawrence – here’s what you need to know about squeezing in a selfie with the always picture-perfect actress.

1. Costar with Meryl

We know the real reason Margo Martindale joined the cast of August: Osage County. Lucky for her, all that hard work paid off at January’s Palm Springs International Film Festival, where she finally nabbed her much-coveted selfie with Streep, the recipient of the night’s Icon award. Totally worth it. Alternatively, you can just be really, really famous.

2. Play it cool

After 50 Cent scored a courtside seat next to Streep at a January Los Angeles Lakers game, their newfound friendship shone like a freshly polished Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy on the mantel of his Instagram. Note his caption technique: “Man I got a good life man lol.” If you, too, score a selfie with Streep, save your love poems and other lengthy captions for that photo of your cat.

3. Now bring it in

Still, if you’re lucky enough to snap a selfie with Streep, make it the Instagram photo to end all Instagram photos. Bust out your biggest smile. Better yet, put your head right next to hers to tell the world that you’re BFFs who basically brunch together all the time. Hillary Clinton gets it, and her souvenir shot from the 2012 Kennedy Center Honors gala is worth way, way more than 1,000 words.

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