Ladies' Choice: The Best Actress Nominees

Newcomers (Ellen Page!) will go head-to-head with A-listers (Cate Blanchett!) for a fashionable fight to the finish. By Suzy Byrne

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La Vie en Rose
Oscar History: This was her first nomination.
2008 Scorecard: She already won a Golden Globe.
Before She Hit Oscar: A native of France, she began acting as a child in one of her father's plays.
Great Adventure: “This movie has been a succession of surprises since the beginning of the adventure," the 32-year-old told PEOPLE. "To get a Golden Globe is really something I can’t describe. I’m speechless.”

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Oscar History: This is her first date with Oscar.
2008 Scorecard: Page took home a National Board of Review award, and was up for three other awards, including a Golden Globe.
Before She Hit Oscar: Growing up in Canada, she was a tomboy who played with action figures and climbed trees.
Scripted Moment: "[The script] floored me," Page, 20, told Entertainment Weekly about Juno. "I was literally obsessed with it. I don't cry over spilled milk, but if I hadn't been able to do it, I would have been really disappointed."

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And the Oscar Nominees are...
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Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Oscar History: Five nominations, one win (for The Aviator in 2005).

2008 Scorecard: She won a Golden Globe for best supporting actress (and was also up for best actress, in addition to four other nominations this season).

Before She Hit Oscar: The Aussie star studied economics and fine art at the University of Melbourne.

Making Transitions: "Maybe unconsciously one job is an antidote to another job," Blanchett, 38, has said. "I mean, you couldn't have a greater antidote to playing Elizabeth I than playing Bob Dylan."

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Away from Her
Oscar History: Four nominations, one win (for Darling in 1965).
2008 Scorecard: The four-time nominee won at the National Board of Review, SAG and Critic's Choice awards.
Before She Hit Oscar: Born in India and raised in England, Christie was expelled from her Catholic secondary school for telling a rude joke.
Out of the Spotlight: "I think celebrity is the curse of modern life," Christie, 66, told The Observer. "And I don't like being part of something dirty."

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The Savages
Oscar History: Three nominations, no wins – yet.
2008 Scorecard: This is her first major nomination this year.
Before She Hit Oscar: The New Yorker was once a teacher for deaf and autistic children.
Checkmate: "When I got the script, I felt like a chess player looking at the board," Linney, 43, told Entertainment Weekly. "My mind started to go, lifting the [scenes] up off the page. I made charts and graphs to make sure I didn't miss anything."

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And the Oscar Nominees are...

And the Oscar Nominees are...
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