Kevin Federline Aims for the 'Oh My God' Factor

Federline tells PEOPLE he has "a few tricks" ready for his performance at the Teen Choice Awards

Kevin Federline isn’t nervous about making his nationally televised debut as a rapper at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday: In fact, Britney Spears’s husband tells PEOPLE he’s going for the “Oh-my-God” factor when he closes the show with a song from his upcoming album, Playing with Fire.

You’re making your debut on the Teen Choice Awards. Are you nervous?
I’m not freaked out at all, man. There ain’t no way. I’m ready. It’s going to be incredible. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve here and there.

Why are you going public now as a performer?
It was (the) right time, right moment. I’ve been getting people ready, I think, you know. Now I think they’re ready. I’m ready. I’ve been getting ready myself. It s taken me a year almost. I mean I m ready to perform, my music is ready to be heard. Everything. Just ready to step out and do it.

Could you have performed in front of such a big audience a year ago?
I could have if I had to. But I think I took my time, made stuff a lot better. I think if I would have done it a year ago, it would have been more of a thing where people would have laughed at it. I just wasn’t ready. The music wasn’t ready.

How have you changed since then?
I’ve just progressed, like my writing is better. Everything has just been progressing and progressing.

What are you going for with your performance?
I think I’m going to go for the Oh-my-God factor. That’s what I’m aiming for.

Does it hurt when people link you only to Britney?
Not really, no. I’m glad that people link me to Britney. That s my wife. That s my family.

How s Britney?
She’s good, man, better than ever right now. She’s a happy mom.

The Teen Choice Awards air Sunday Aug. 20 on FOX at 8 p.m. ET

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